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Sagaso Bld. 472-2, Niwatoriboko-cho Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
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About Company

Thank you for supporting us. Our group Sagaya started in 2006. We are selling traditional items, such as Kimonos at department stores and specialized shops.

We provide cheap and good quality items without any complicated system. We aim at erasing the idea that Kimonos have to be add at high prices.

Recently, Kimonos have become rare but they used to be a common item of Japanese people's everyday life.

We are making efforts to promote our tradditional culture to the next generation so that people feel more casual about Kimonos.

Sagaya Co., Ltd, CEO
Muneaki Sumida


Company Name Sagaya Co. Ltd,
Owner name Muneaki Sumida
Founding 2006
Business description Wholesale and retail of Kimono, Obi and Japanese textiles.
Location Sagaso Bld. 472-2, Niwatoriboko-cho Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Contact TEL. 075-744-6556 ( 9:00-20:00 )
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